Sunday, May 9, 2010

Working on the packaging of my jewellery

This are pictures from my "studio" tonight (i don't even have a desk! this is our coffee table!) where i was working on the packaging of my jewellery, so i'll be prepared to ship right away whenever i made my first sale :)
I design it this weekend and i'm so very happy with the results, it looks beautiful and very professional, i would say! I'll show you how it looks all put together as soon as i take some pictures :)

Another fun thing (fun for me) is that i carved my first stamp today!! it was so much fun, i love it and i'm afraid i'll be hooked on stamp carving for a while now :) I followed an on-line tutorial from an awesome blog and learn so much (i'm preparing a blog post about that and then i'll give you the link so you can check it out). I carved the two sets of rain drops you can see in these pictures, and stamped them on fabric with textile painting.

And look at my flowers! so beautiful. The lady who lives downstairs gave them to us. She cut them from a tree they have downstairs. Gorgeous flowers and they smell really good at night.
I'll go to bed now, good night and thanks for reading!

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