Thursday, May 27, 2010

First sale!

And second, third and waiting for the fourth any time now :)
I'm very happy because the shop is doing great!
Thanks to my awesome clients :) you're the best! specially Veronique that inaugurated my shop with her purchase ;)
Today is Jewellery Thursday and i have a couple of projects i'm working on: a lapel pin, custom made for a client, an awesome ring, and a pendant so beautiful i'm sure you'll love it :)
Can't wait to have all that finished and show it to you!
Have a nice Jewellery Thursday everyone!


  1. And I was you forth client! Your shop is fantastic and your products are exquisite. I will be a fan for life. Wish you all the luck in the world with your future sales :)



  2. How sweet Mayi!!:D tener un cliente como tu, me motiva a seguir adelante con mi tienda :) Muchas gracias!! Yo tambien te deseo que sigas teniendo mucho exito en tu tienda tan original que me me encanta! :)