Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you believe in luck?

Good luck card by DEADWEIGHT

Most of times I don't think about luck. Then again, there are days where this strange thing called "luck" it's so good i can't help but think: 'I'm so lucky today!'. Of course, once in a while comes the day where I think: 'WTF, today's such an unlucky day!'

The past weekend was sort of unlucky. Sort of.
I got sick, then the weather was so angry it wasn't fun as I had to head outside to do some stuff. Husband was out of town skiing and having a good time in Colorado and I forgot to put my keys on my purse :S So I was all freaked out, soaking wet in the rain, with a hungry Amelia and waiting for the guy-who-opens-doors to come and help me and it was so painful to pay the money I payed for a thing that took him 2 minutes to complete! (I don't know the name of the people who make keys and open doors...?). Oh, did I mention that when I realized i had forgot my keys inside I also realized my cell phone was dead, no battery whatsoever? I wanted to scream in frustration.

Then my computer decided not to function for four freaking days :S


It was weird, I was like: 'What is happening to me?' But I guess I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends with me for the weekend and that was the only thing that kept me sane. Well, I also had to give some credit to my little one who was so sweet and well behaved ;)

I guess it wasn't that bad :)

And that's why you haven't see me around lately, if you wondered. Yesterday husband came back home and with a simple take-the-battery-off-put-it-back-again of the laptop, it magically worked again. Really. I guess technology and me, we just don't come along too well.


But enough with this! I just wanted to take it out of my chest. I hope I did not scare you away!
If I didn't, thanks so much for reading through my whining :)

So, do you believe in luck?


  1. You forgot to mention my trip back was most disastrous too!

    I hate planes and bloody aeroports!

  2. Hey, luck's a funny thing! Maybe more an abstract concept than anything else. Sometimes I just think it's a random event that just is. If it's unpleasant we call it 'bad'. What do you think? Glad you got it off your chest and hope it's run is over for you :)!!

  3. Hey! thanks so much guys! Yes, i got it off of my chest and I'm feeling more like myself again, hehehehe.
    Thanks so much Luna!

  4. ooh those days always seem to pop up at the worst times!

  5. Oh dear....I have days like this too, usually several in a row! There are lucky days too...(like the ones when you win give-aways!) Isn't the guy who opens doors a lock-smith?

  6. Thanks for your comments Tracey and Millie!!

    Yep, I see I'm not the only only one who gets all freaked out for an unlucky day :)