Monday, March 21, 2011

The first day of spring

Looked more like winter.

It was beautiful though.

Mother nature was playing tricks on us. She let us believe we could start tossing out our winter boots and coats because Sunday was so sunny, warm and lovely and then Monday was like, what the hell is going on?! it snowed the whole day and it did not look like spring at all. It was like a perfect winter day. We even went out to play in the snow. My little one was sliding down on it and I was trying to make a snow man but couldn't because she would come and toss the snow balls away, hehehehe. It was fun :)

I hope is nice where you live and that you are enjoying the first days of spring :)


  1. I should throw some of out San Diego sunshine your direction, maybe it could help you melt all the snow.

    -Much love, Kim and Mr. Gnome

  2. Mom Nature bless y'all with a little more moisture. Must mean you'll soon have more flowers than ever . ;) Such lovely photos.

  3. Oh Spring snow! I'll give the big lady a call and insist she removes it for you!;) x

  4. Hehehehe you all are sweet! Yes, please, give a call for me and say i'm looking unnaturally pale lately ;)
    But yes, is definitely good for all those lovely flowers that are going to bloom soon :D!

  5. wow~ more like winter wonderland, Iveth!
    Spring is playing hide & seek on us indeed~

    stay warm*

  6. Oh it’s very beautiful! But I hope spring comes back again for you soon x

  7. Wow - you guys were hit with snow on Monday and now we're getting it here today in Ontario. It's awful isn't it? : (

    Spring needs to come now! I'm ready to see tulips and daffodils springing from the soil.