Monday, September 26, 2011

Puces POP!

It was a long month of preparation and hard work but at the end all was worth it!
Last weekend I was one of the many local vendors of my favouirte craft show -Puces POP- for the first time ever.

It was awesome: the other vendors, the visitors, the sales, the energy, the company, the gained experience, the new discoveries, the change to get to know the people who likes and wears my jewelry, the insight of the direct feedback, opinions and potential market and so on. I'm extremely happy to have been part of it this time around!

So thanks so much Marilis and Tessa from Puces POP for giving me the chance to be part of it and being so nice!

Thanks to all who visited my table, specially to Norma from Cara Carmina (my table-neighbour), my friend M. for the help and company, Karlita, John, Sophia, Guisela, Anrea, Penelope, Jean-Yves, Marlenne, Shannon and Andrea!

And specially, thanks to my adored husband and daughter for all the help and patience!

Happy, happy, yay!

Photos below, I hope you like them :)

With Norma from Cara Carmina

What do you think of my little fans? ;D

Photos from my favourite vendors coming up soon ;D


  1. looks great! Love that bunting you have there! I wish I could have come!


  2. oh oh oh! I enjoyed sooooooooooooooo much getting to spend some time (finally) with you!!!!!!!! I love your work Iveth and your table was soooo beautiful! you have a lovely family and on top of all you are such a nice and sweet person! I`m looking forward to see you again and I`m so happy to have met you! :D Thanks for all your help and oh oh oh let`s do it again chica! :D besos and yellow hugs!!!!! (love the photos!) que guapas somos en serio! (jajajajaja)

  3. Your display was so well thought out! love and love.

  4. Ayyy que lindas clientecitas... DIVINAS y Amelia enmedio lidereando... LA AMO

  5. Que padre que te fue tan bien me da muchisimo gusto en hora buena Ivetina!! Besos

  6. qué chido!!! me imagino que tuviste mucho éxito y me da mucho gusto!!!
    me encantan tus pequeñas fans!

  7. ooooh que lindas fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRAAAAAAAAAACIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D