Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Listing

Meteorite and Crater Stacked Rings, just listed on my little shop!
I'm extremely happy how this piece came out: it is exactly what i have envisioned and a bit more.
The source for inspiration is pretty evident: comets, meteorites, stars and the night sky. The universe is a wonderful, intriguing and extremely interesting source of inspiration to me, this piece is a reflection of it.
They are two rings: the first one is the crater, i domed a tiny piece of sterling silver circle and mounted it on a half round wire ring, then oxidized it, polish it again to a mirror finish but leaving the inside of the dome black, it looks really elegant and subtle.
The meteorite ring has a tiny solid sterling silver faceted rock, i sculpted it out of a silver ball . i gave the meteorite a rough and mate finish and it looks very cool and rock-ish.
This pair is beautiful together and also each ring by itself looks awesome, i'm sure it'll be a favorite of the person who buys it, it is a favorite of mine already!

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