Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi! how was your weekend? i hope it was lovely! mine was great. I took those photos of an old building we came across while walking on the old part of Montreal yesterday. I really like it: the red brick, old, forgotten.
Yesterday we went to an auto show, i couldn't care less about cars (i'm unable to recognize models or remember names, the only car i like and i know its name is the mini cooper, that one is really cute) but husband loooove cars so it was time he had some fun his way :)
Montreal it's pretty sunny today, but the temperature is -27 C! can you believe it? it's crazy!
I wanted to go get some materials i need but i rather stay home this morning, it's just too cold outside.
Anyways, i'll need to confront the freezing air later on the afternoon as i have jewelry class today. I'm so happy i'm back to my classes, it's so much fun, and cool :) I hope i'll be able to finish some new projects i'm working on soon, but first i have to get some orders done :) things are going good in the shop and that's awesome!

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!