Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Julie Morstad

It's been a while since i've been in love with Julie Morstad work. Her illustrations inspire me and make me feel all sorts of things when i see them. I recently bought the illustration book Milk Teeth And Others by Julie and now it's one of my little treasures.

Before having this book, i possessively loved my little one's abc cards by Julie Morstad. I didn't even want poor girl to play with them and the time she folded (and bite) the "B is for banjo" and "F is for fort" cards, i was like: "nooooooooooo". But now that i have my book she can have the card set all for herself and i'm sure she'll be happy because she loves JM illustrations as much as i do!

The B has a serious bite on it!

For more fantastic Julie Morstad illustration, visit her website here and her shop here (And in case husband read this, can i have this and/or this for my birthday? ;)).
Have a great day!


  1. me encantó!!!! yo colleciono libros ilustrados infantiles y este es hermoooooso! :D bonito tesoro

  2. Oh Wow! Thanks for sharing this - totally made my day - what gorgeous work!!! :)

  3. Like picture books for big girls. <3

  4. Hi! so glad you guys enjoyed my post :D I adore illustration and there's nothing more cool that an illustrated children's book by an amazing artist like Julie Morstad :D Although the firsts photos aren't from a children's book, but as RL said, it's a picture book for big girls ;)