Friday, January 28, 2011

Today I love

Hi there! how are you been? I hope really well :)
Lately, i've been obsessed with leather. All i can think about is to get myself a lovely saddle colour leather bag. But then i feel kind of bad to spent the kind of money those bags cost. Regardless, i'm just waiting for a moment of weakness to buy it (of course i'm also in the search of the perfect one :).
Other thing i've been loving as of late is gold jewellery and this is strange because i use to hate gold jewellery! But there are so many lovely, sweet golden things around that i ended up falling for it :)
Well, this are some of the things i'm drooling over today:

The Libro pink leather pouch by Scout & Catalog

Gray days boots from NBDG

Flora and Fauna by Lizzy Stewart

Vintage leather cases by Trampoline

Gosh the week went by so fast! I hope you all have a great weekend :D


  1. Love the pine cone charm!
    Have a great weekend!
    Tomorrow my oldest son turns 12 - time really flies!

  2. I know it's just lovely!
    Congratulation to young man! i hope you have a really good time on his birthday :)
    Thanks for stopping by Pia :D

  3. i also used to hate gold jewellery!

    sometimes my mum would give me gold jewellrey for my birthday and i felt bad that i never liked it.

    in the last couple of years i've learned to appreciate gold jewellrey and wear the pieces my mum gave me. i know she's happy about that.

  4. i love that you chose the leather cases. beautiful finds!

  5. Hi there Caroline, Nathalie, Ethanollie and Anja! i'm glad you liked my picks :D thanks for stopping by :D