Monday, January 31, 2011

New on the shop!

Hi there! how is your Monday going? i hope really well and that your weekend was lovely:)
Here things are very busy! i have orders to finish tonight at jewelry school and i hope i find the time to keep working on new projects.

For the moment i want to let you know i'm now offering any of my stud earrings in 14k Gold.
It all began with one of my dearest costumers, who's allergic to silver, wanting to have my Lightning Bolts stud earrings in gold, so i made them to her and the results were so lovely i had to share them with you in hopes you'd love them too :)
Check them out:
Remember I can make any of my stud earring designs in 14 k gold, not just the lightning bolts :)
Thanks for keep up with me! i wish you all a lovely week.