Friday, January 15, 2016


We adopted a little cat last year, on my daughter's birthday! his name is Ronbon and he's the cutest thing. We love him so much and he makes a great part of our family. 

Don't you feel sometimes like there's is so much going on at nothing really, at the same time? 

The last months of 2016 were extremely busy, as they are. Then for the holidays we were planning on taking a break from all work and concentrate a bit on resting and get some house projects done too but that didn't work out as we all got sick. First it was my husband, then Amelia, then it was my turn and for a nice closing, my husband got sick AGAIN. it was terrible, I think we got the flu + sinus infections. So after such holidays we felt so tired! right now we are good, feeling like ourselves again and focusing on some projects.

I want to do so many thing this year, mainly working in two collections that I have already designed and launching my website. Maybe even re-work on my branding, give it a bit of an update. And taking a nice vacation aboard, in a warm place preferably.

I wish you the best 2016!

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