Thursday, September 29, 2016

New York

It has been a long while! Such a hot and busy summer this was and I hope it treated you well and that the beginning of Autumn is bringing lots of lovely things your way.

Can you believe September is almost over? I hardly believe it, with time going so fast and also, with such unusual high temperatures. Normally, abut this time of the year the leaves on the trees would have turned orange and brown and yellow but this time, the colours are late, just starting to show up. My tomato plants are still giving so much fruit and well, is not that I'm complaining about the chance to enjoy a bit more of warm weather but I worry about our planet and the way we are making it act weird and off. 

We have enjoyed our summer so much, travelling a bit and enjoying the backyard, relaxing and focusing on family projects. It has been a lovely summer! And I wanted to show you some pictures from our trip to NY earlier in June. 

It was super hot and humid over there and just the second time I had  ever visited. The first time was more than 10 years ago and we stayed there just for a couple of days, hardly seeing much else than a few landmarks (it was super fun thought!). I enjoyed it so much this time around, having a lot of days to take everything slowly and  having the chance to truly explore the city. Still, so much stuff left unseen, unvisited! So that makes for plans to go back in the future!

My favourite parts were exploring little streets, the Museum of Natural History and as half of our stay was very close to Central Park, spending the days in such interesting place was great. Just taking it easy, bringing lunch to the park and exploring little roads, and bridges and lakes and looking Amelia enjoy the playgrounds. It doesn't sound like much but just the quiet of being in another place, with nothing else to do but enjoy the views and explore, was amazing. Liberating. 

Much of the pics of this half part of our trip were taken with my phone so I invite to check my Instagram account to look at those ones (you'd have to go back a bit though, as I posted them while in NY).

The other half of our stay was in the Nolita neighbourhood and oh boy, that was cool. The restaurants and little shops. I was so full all the time just by trying a bit of this and that in different restos, and snack places and pastry shops and ice cream shops. But I loved it, haha! it was so good. 

We also got to visit the Etsy hq's! that was super interesting and it felt like I had come full circle in a way, having Etsy being such an important part of this creative adventure for such a long time. I'll make another post with pics just from that visit!

But now, the photos! 

Such nice memories...I just love going out of town with my family and having these experiences with them, gosh, there's just no better company than them. And Amelia, well, she's just the best, she's so enthusiastic and full of wonder, is contagious :D

Hope you liked the photos and thank you for reading my blog!

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