Thursday, June 10, 2010

New listing!

Here are some shots of the new ring i just listed on my shop!
I'm in looove with this ring, it came out so nice and looks so cool, and bold.
When i made rings, they're usually organic-shaped, with soft, round forms and irregular lines, but this time i wanted to do the opposite.
I was inspired by meteorites and craters (and actually i have a lot of sketches for my next projects and most of them have to do with those elements) and even though it would have been easy to go for the organic shape i also wanted to give this ring a industrial feeling. I also made the band adjustable so i'll be easier to fit most sizes!
I'm very happy with the results and i hope you like it too :)

I know it also look like a sieve, which is cool :) hehe

I had so much fun drilling all those holes :)

The inside of my crater ring looks like this picture!! beautiful night sky.