Thursday, June 10, 2010

FIFA World Cup travel case

Well, today starts the world cup in South Africa and i wanted to post something about it since i grew up in a family of soccer aficionados and futbol always was a big part of our lives. Well, it still is for my dad and brothers, they're going nuts over futbol today! So this is for them, i miss you guys!

I firs saw thist in one of my new favorite blogs Nao Me Mande Flores (be sure to visit, full of cool and interesting things!):

Image via Highsnobiety.

Of course is logic they weren't going to carry that trophy in any given suitcase, but it surprise me they were such fashion-aficionados!
On June 1st, Louis Vuitton unveiled the case they specially made for the soccer world cup on their historic Asnieres workshop (which opened in 1859) by a single master craftsman.
It "has been meticulously designed to accommodate the celebrated Trophy, which measures 36 cm in height, weighs 6.175 kg and is made of solid 18-carat gold with a base of semi-precious malachite." Ooh, fancy...

I hope you all enjoy the images and the world cup (if you like soccer) and wish you the best of lucks to your countries!

Images from here.

Update: I thought the world cup was supposed to start today, but it begins tomorrow :)
So the update is for me :S


  1. Oh, thanks for the link, you're very sweet! ♥

  2. I adore your blog! Love your style! Thanks for sharing :D