Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hello there!

Oh how glad I am if you are here reading this post! I've felt so lost in the last few weeks and I really feel like I need to get hold on things and time again!

I've been just so busy with life, shows, family affairs, orders and things like that. It shouldn't be hard to keep up as those are normal things but, for some reason, my mind is all over the place and I feel SLOW. Anyway, I'm here and I'm ready to start updating things around!

One of the main concerns of me lately is that I haven't been able to even edit the photos of my new collection, let alone to list my pretty new jewelles on The Angry Weather shop. I SO WANT TO SHOW YOUUUUU!

But today is the day when I'm start editing and getting things ready. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, I'll let you with some of the things I love today. I hope you enjoy this selection, too (click on the images for the source!):

Helpful phrase and beautiful papercut.
I love these cushions by Chocolate Creative.
Mountais...I don't have the source! if anyone knows the photographer, please let me know!
The best advise. 
Atelier L'Echoppe in Montreal. Dreaming of having a work space like that one day! 
Nicola Odermann Photography. I want to travel...
...Specially to Iceland...

Have a lovely day!


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