Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ever since we moved to our new place a bit more than a year ago we'd been searching for day cares for our little girl without much success. You see, here, the day cares have ridiculous waiting lists, some of those lists full of people waiting for years. Of course there are ones with places available but usually those are the ones which you just don't feel like leaving your children at.

So, as a owner of my own business and  time, I decided to keep my girl with me and take care of her myself until we got a place in a daycare we wanted.

And that time has come. My little girl had her first day at daycare yesterday and she's very happy. Me? not so much, you see, I miss her. I'm so used to hanging on with her all day every day and although I'm happy I have my time back and she's going to meet new friends and play and learn, I can't help but feel a hole inside me.

You are allowed to call me ridiculous if you will, I kind of know I'm being silly but she's just so fun to hang with plus I keep thinking nobody is going to take care if her as good me. 

But well, see, this is not just her learning and adapting to a new routine, but is a learning experience for me as well. And I need to get myself together and adapt. But for now I just feel a little bit holey.


  1. Gracias a tí por hacer cosas tan bonitas! =)
    Por cierto, me encanta tu blog!