Monday, January 23, 2017

31 weeks.

One week closer to meeting this baby! 

One of the changes happening in the last couple of weeks is that I'm eating so little and getting so full! Also, no matter if I have dinner at 5pm, the heartburn and reflux is hitting me hard. My stomach must be all squished inside me! The baby must still have lots of room for moving, though, because he's pretty intense, kicking and punching and making the "wave" and overall I think changing positions all the time. I truly wish I could see what's going on in there :D

Good news: I went to the dr on Friday and the results from the glucose blood test came out NEGATIVE! After 3 months of glucose coming up high I was sure I had developed gestational diabetes so I was in shock, happily in shock to know things are OK after all and that I don't have to worry about that. But still, I plan to keep with the healthy, low sugar, low carb diet, just in case and also, because it's better for me and the whole family. Still, I ate a few desserts over the weekend and had white bread toast (homemade bread!) this morning for breakfast, LOL! But it was a sort of celebration, I'm getting back to good things already ;D

Thanks so much for reading this. Have a lovely week!

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