Monday, November 7, 2016

Amelia's birthday party!

8 years ago, on a cold November day, the biggest treasure life has given me came into this world. 

Every day I'm amazed to see my Amelia grow, become her own person and fill our days with happiness and I'm so, so grateful for each of those moments. She's my funny, intelligent, determined, caring and loving little girl!

One of her favourite things in the world is cats and we decided to make a cat-themed party to treat her and celebrate her. It was so much fun, from project planning to making, cooking and decorating to see her go wow with every detail! We crafted the crap out of it, mostly used materials we already had (I'm a paper junky and have drawers full of it so it was nice to get to use it and also, reuse some from old projects!). 

Next, a few photos from the party and bellow, the resources from the ideas and inspiration. Look how happy Amelia was :D

Resources and ideas

Cake: I bought the "Ricardo: nos meilleurs gateaux" book and it was totally worth it because the cake was the best cake I have ever made (well, not that I made good cake, to be honest, hardly LOL! but this was good!)! The end cake was an invention of Amelia and I, but we based all the cake and frosting recipes from the book. I wanted to make a part vanilla, part chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, so the colour would go well with the rest of the decorations but Amelia wanted raspberry frosting so we decided to put the raspberry in the middle of the cake. You couldn't see it until we cut it and it was not just a beautiful thing but delicious! And as I made both, chocolate and vanilla cakes, there's was a lot of cake dough left so we made cupcakes too: vanilla with raspberry frosting and chocolate with vanilla frosting. My faves were the chocolate ones, they were scrumptious! 

Cat bunting: Thanks Pinterest for all the great ideas! we found so many cool stuff and inspiration. I based my bunting in this DIY post   by A Subtle Revelry but changed the colours and instead of cutting the cats double and folding/glue them, I made a single sheet face and punched some holes to pass the twine through  I used a glittery silver twine to match the decor and lots of black, white and gold for the faces.

I also made some extra circle bunting with some old circles I had from a craft show decorations from some years ago. it was nice to get to reuse that and it gave the wall a nice, fun touch that complemented the cat bunting perfectly.

Piñata: I follower this tutorial by 100 layer cake-let which was so easy and the piñata came up looking pretty cool! It could have looked better to be honest, but I tried not to put too much effort in it because the plan was of course, to smash it, so the less I felt attached to it, the better! Only thing, it was way to fragile for a bunch of hyped 8 years-olds so it came undone quite fast, lol! So next time, I'll make it sturdier! 

Cake props: I saw this cat party Oh Happy Day throw with these funny props and I knew they were going to be perfect for Amelia as they reflect her sense of humour! They looked amazing, so funny! I added a little bunting with Amelia's name that a pair of cats were holding, to make the came more personalized. 

Favour bags: I got the idea from Bog & Ide. The bags looks super cute and the kids loved them! Plus we made the cat faces folding to parts of paper, like a card, and Amelia wrote a thank you message for her friends on the inside, so it had a nice, personal touch. We filled the bags with fish cookies, chocolate, gummies and a fun little toy.

Invitations: I did not take a photo of them but should have because they were real cute. I painted them myself, little cat faces and then just added the text using Picmonkey

Other decor: The honey comb balls were reused from previous years and I got them from Party A Decor on Etsy!

Food: We got pizza + juice for the kids and we treat the parents with a tacos! It was SO GOOD, honestly. We cooked three different fillings + we had lots of guacamole, warm tortillas, two different types of salsa and a couple of veggie accompaniments. I'm still dreaming of those tacos, I want to make more!

Best thing of all of course, my girl had a great time! Thanks for checking out my blog!