Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shop update: New jewellery!

I just listed a bunch of new rings to the shop!

Some of them add to te FOLIAGE collection, like the Foliage ring in bronze (which has been a HUGE fave with my local customers since I launched at Puces POP last month) and the much loved Tulip ring, which is so lovely.

And then I added 4 new rings that are part of a small, minimalistic line of rings I made also for my local customers at Puces POP last month, but I thought you might like them, too, so I added just a few sizes! They are called the LOOP and WAVE rings and defined by clean lines and an inner itch for beautiful simplicity. I still don't know if I'm going to continue this line, if I'm going to expand it or if its just a limited edition, truly. I'm still thinking but, for the moment, there they are, I hope you love them!

And here a few photos of them. For more details go to The Angry Weather shop or click on the images to go to the listing!


Thanks for keeping up with my little blog  and shop!

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