Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recent purchases

Wouldn't it be awesome to, every time you watch the clock your favorite hour were on it? Let's say, the time you finish work, or happy hour in your favorite pub, or time to eat desert!
Let me tell you, this dream can be achieved...Well, at least if you have a good imagination and thanks to Misako Mikomo fake watches ;)

No, this is not a commercial, it's just me, very happy to have received in the mail my very own fake watch from the awesome Eva Monleón from Misako Mikomo.

I first saw her awesome fake watches in one of my favorite internet places, Seventy Tree blog. Since I saw it I knew a fake watch was what I needed in my life and after many months of just dreaming of it, I finally make it mine :D Yay!

Me (still in my pj's) & my fake watch.

Everything was so lovely:
The packaging: adorable!
Little cards: so cool!
My bracelet: best thing ever!
Thanks Eva, I love it!


  1. very original ,love the cards!

  2. Iveth, que bien te sienta este reloj !! seguro no vas a llegar tarde a ningún sitio ;P
    Bonita compra :D

  3. está super cool ere reloj!!! me encantan las tarjetas también!

  4. Wow this is so cool!! And what a pretty packaging :)

  5. Hi Desi, Ingrid, RosaMaria and Clemence!! thanks for stopping by :D
    Gracias, Thanks!!

  6. That packaging is just too cool!

  7. I agree! the packaging is awesome, too!

  8. Thank you so much for this lovely post Iveth!
    I'm really happy you liked it!!!
    Hope you enjoy it having fun and relax!

    happy weekend ♥