Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Featured artist: Erin Dollar

If you are frequent to sites like Etsy or pinterest, chances are you are familiar with Erin Dollar's awesome work and great taste for cool things. I first "meet" her at Pinterest (where I have had the chance to meet so many awesome, talented people!), then Etsy and now, luckily for me, we are part of the same team (Aspiring Artisans Guild) and I enjoy a lot visiting her awesome shop to pick things for making treasuries, and well, sometimes just for the pleasure to look around the lovely things she makes ;)

I love her new collection for the home like hand printed coasters, pillow covers and tea towels. The fabric colors and the different geometric pattern combinations, blow my mind, plus her photography is a treat for the eyes!

Fabric coasters, triangle pack

Small parts, collage

Abstract geometric embroidery art

I asked Erin to tell me a bit about her:
I am a Portland, Oregon native, who has been recently transplanted in Los Angeles. I am obsessed with printmaking, although I also branch out into drawing, painting and collage from time to time. Reading has always been a passion of mine, and I make part of my income working at the library, where I take care of the art book section... heaven! When I am not reading or making new art, I love to relax with my boyfriend and our cat, or go for a leisurely bike ride.

And what inspires her to create:
I think I am similar to many artists in that I just feel better when I am working on art. I am most happy when I have hours to spend in my studio space, and I can really get involved in the production of new work. There is something about the smell of printmaking ink that spurs lots of inspiration for me. Imagery wise, I tend to be inspired by vintage paper ephemera like science textbooks, as well as other artists who have unique line-work or who use very traditional processes. As a printmaker, I think there is something really special about a hand pulled print, and the quality of line and richness of ink that just can't compare to other processes. I am lucky to be inspired by the very medium I get to work in!

Thanks so much Erin, for let me use your images for this post, answering my questions and most importantly, for the endless inspiration!

You can find Erin here:


  1. I love Erin's shop too and I also love her taste!! Wonderful post Iveth!!

  2. I think I recognize that embroidered art, do you have it up in your apartment?

  3. Your site here is so cool Iveth!! This post for Erin is wonderful! She has such a great shop. So modern and cool, when I grow up I wanna be you guys!!

    Chante' Junkyardglitter

  4. Thanks Clemence, Marie and Chante!!

    Marie, maybe you recognize it because I pinned it? I wish I had it on my app, though! I've been admiring that embroidery for AGES!

    Chante, you are so much fun, girl!! I'm glad to see you here, thanks!

  5. Love your banner!! And the hand printing is fabulous!

  6. me encanta la tienda de Erin y todo su trabajo!!
    esos portavasos color mostaza son de mis favoritos!

  7. Great post! I love Erin's shop too! Her stuff is so modern and cool. I really enjoyed reading about what inspires her to create.

  8. oh my gosh! what a flattering and lovely post :) thanks so much, iveth!