Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little thunderstorm on my bench

Hi there!

How are you doing today? I hope really good :)

I took some photos a couple days ago while working on the jewelry and thought of sharing them with you :)
I was making several things (one Refuge Necklace, Nube Necklace, Lightning Bolt earrings, Raindrop earrings and a couple lost buttons) and realized I had a little thunderstorm made of small silver pieces. Cute, isn't it?

You see I have to draw the little designs on paper and then glue them on the silver sheet to cut them :) This is like, the first of many steps to complete a piece. I shall take more photos of the complete process...one of this days!


  1. OH GOSH!
    These are lovely designs.
    Follow and comment and I'll follow back?

  2. Super cute - love the thunderstorm!

  3. you should do a necklace out of the thunder storm its very pretty ^^

  4. Thanks for your comments!!
    Desi: I have thought of that, too :) Thanks so much for the suggestion!!

  5. Oohh LOVE the thunderstorm!!

  6. Haha for my previous comment the word verification was "mycloud"!

  7. Thanks for sharing - I always appreciate process photos and seeing where ideas come from. They're lovely.

  8. Thanks Clemence and Luna!! I'm glad you enjoy the photos :) I'll do my best to remember to take more pics while working and share them with you!!

    Clemence, that's really funny ans cool!! what were the odds, right?!! Hugs!!

  9. You're really creative. :D

  10. loved looking at the backstage pass to how you make your lovely designs. sooo cool + oh so cute :)

  11. woooow que chido! me encanta ver el proceso de trabajo de otros artistas... super lindas tu piezas y ya me imagino que debe ser muy minucioso ha?

    un abrazote!

  12. Hi Mayi and Norma!
    Thanks for your comments :) I'm glad you enjoy to see the little behind the scenes.
    Making jewelry definitely requires lots of patience, attention to detail and involves to have some cuts and burns in your fingers on a regular basis! But it's just part of the package ;)

    I'm always thinking on taking more photos and show them to you but when I start working I just forget about everything else. But I'll try to give you more inside peeks, more often :)