Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today I Love

Geometric shapes, things that remind me of celestial bodies, images that make my mind wander...

Berry bowl by Clam Lab

Dot by Debbie Carlos

Mountain fog poster from Debbie Carlos

Linen oblong pouch by Bookhou At Home
Hand drawn mason jar by How Now Design


  1. Brilliant finds - just what my eyes wanted to see today it appears. Feel suddenly inspired....

  2. Oohh the jars!! I'm in love with them!! Wonderful finds as always :)

  3. Weeee! so glad you liked my picks Luna and Clemence! and you make my day telling me my finds inspired you, Luna, thanks!

    C, I'm in love with the jars, too! they are so cool :)

  4. lovely post
    thanks for including my pouches!