Wednesday, May 18, 2011


How are you?!
I've been so absent from my blog lately. It feels like AGES since the last time I posted something! Things are a bit craaaazy over here, but in a good way. I'm just too busy and with no much time to write here.

Isn't that photo the cutest photo?! He's too cute!!

Things are going so well on the shop! I have some jewelry projects I haven't even been able to finish due to the orders that are coming all the time (yay!), I'm truly feeling like I have a real job now and my own little business.
I truly thank the members on the teams I'm part of for helping me reach my goals, because if it was not for your support, this would be different. It'll be a lot slower, I think!

There's also a couple nasty things that happened this week, too. Maybe you already know about them because I've been whining (oops!) all over facebook and twitter. The thing is that, a "seller" on etsy was using two of my images and descriptions to "sell" on her own shop. She was even selling my designs at higher prices! because, you know, it's so hard to wake up every morning and copy-paste other's people listings on her own crazy, but the good news is that she had removed all the images she had on her shop and I hope etsy delete her account because I'm sure she is just there with a paypal account to steal buyer's money.

Thanks to all the lovely people who send me their support, advice and lovely words during this days!

See you later!


  1. I am glad to hear that things are going well at your shop!
    Thanks for the comment - yesterday we celebrated Norways national day, that`s why you`ll find so many nice photos on Norwegian blogs right now;)

  2. Oh, I see!! well, It looks you had a wonderful holiday! I enjoyed your photos very much, Pia, your children are more gorgeous each day :D
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm sorry this "seller" stole your listings! I reported it and I hope Etsy will delete the account.
    Anyway I'm super happy for you that your shop is going so well! Congrats, you deserve it!!
    Oh and I LOVE that photo! I love this shop because the photos are wonderful, and the seller gives a portion of all her sales to rescue and shelter organizations - so great!
    Have a great day Iveth!!

  4. Thanks for your support, Clemence!! I hope etsy shuts down that shop, too. Now they took down my images but if they continue to operate, they are going to steal some other hard working seller and also buyers. No use in having those accounts existing, I think.

  5. No sabía iveth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    de verdad que no entiendo porque la gente es así ... espero que ya se haya solucionado y como te diste cuenta?...

    un abrazo amarillo con puntos verdes