Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today I Love

Downtown mood.
Inspired by Arcade Fire's Antichrist Television Blues and Rococo, i curated this treasury. I'm very conceptual today and i'm loving black/red/white, too.
I'll share with you some of the items of the collection :)

Slim Fit Long Military Cardigan by Two String Jane

Heart Pendant by KupKup

City Skyline by Moxiedoll

A Suffocating Pile by Cordial Kitten

Simple Ring In Black Onyx and Sterling Silver by Specimental

Yellow Window Pane Pillow by Coucou Salut

Visit this link to see all the wonderful items i found!


  1. I love this collection. I want the cardigan!

  2. I love the items you pick out!

  3. Hi Pia and Kerry!:D i'm fighting so hard with myself not to go buy the heart necklace now! but i have to save, so maybe later! thanks for visiting :)