Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Casita del arbol

Do you remember this toy? well, i don't know if it were sold where you live but this was a hit in Mexico among children in the 80's!
This brings so many cool memories from my childhood: My cousin Adriana owned one when we were kids. I used to sleep over a lot at her place so we would play with this tree house all freaking day :) it was so much fun. The elevator, the swing, the dog house! wow i want to play with it again!

Image found at Pimpelwit


  1. I remember it!! My friend had it and I was So jealous!!!

  2. Jajajajaja yo tambien lo tenia...hace mucho que no lo veia!! Nombre Iveth ahora si que me remontaste al pasado bien chidoo!!!
    A mi y a mi hermana nos gustaba un chorro, yo lo tenia!!!

  3. Mis primas tambiƩn lo tenian! Pero nunca vi el carrito jaja! me lo perdi! Que padre Iveth :D

  4. Jejejeje recuerdos de la ninez, que chido :)