Friday, September 3, 2010

Last days of summer

Fall is approaching full speed and i adore that fact but this also reminds me to enjoy the last days of summer: The hot sun in my skin, the gentle breeze, the lazy afternoons, the soft humid grass beneath my feet, the celebration mode montrealers have during this season and all those lovely things that soon enough, will be absent during the next 8 months (wow, 8 months! i'm starting to feel nostalgic for the summer already).
So i have put together this collection of beautiful items that have the right attitude to say au revoir to summer in a good note.

F a s h i o n

Oh, so lovely

-Yellow jersey dress by Gina Michele
-Vintage brown leather purse from Vero Vintage
-Swallow bird necklace in sterling silver by Georgie Designs
-Studio Izzy t-strap sandals from

Sea inspired

-Ballet wrap dress by Renes le Chateau
-Shoulder bag by Marbled
-Shimmy ballet flat from Endless shoes
-Rainy cloud stud earrings by The Angry Weather

H o m e D e c o r

From Summer to Fall

-Nesting, Print. Photograph by Skippy Designs
-Cast iron deer from Monkey and Squirrel
-Place mat and napkin set from Everyskimo
-Lady bird, ceramic by Nicah/Thrash Bird Makes

The Sea

-Moon jellyfish in white wool by Awkward
-Retro marine striped cotton pillow by Vintage Jamie
-Birthday banner fabric flag bunting by Blue Moon Studios
-Vintage fabric patchwork wall art by The Merriweather Council

I use to complain a lot about the heath but i'll just shut my mouth and breathe in, it won't last long and i may find myself missing it in a couple of months!
For the moment we are going to continue enjoying local fruits and veggies, having a beer in a restaurant patio, lots of barbecues and laying in the grass at the park :)
How are you enjoying the last days of summer?


  1. I love that Ballet wrap dress by Renes le Chateau! So simple and pretty!

  2. iveth, your blog is lovely and clever. so pleased to be a part of this. xo. regina

  3. Iveth! Qué padre! :) Tengo el dije de la gaviota de a de veras, :) Tenía uno así igualito pero lo perdí y hace rato me compré una versión mexican de plata .025 en Zacatecas, le tomaré foto para tí :) Adiós SUMMER! :(

  4. I love having you here Regina, i love everything in your shop and your pics are delightful!
    Flaii, que locooooo!!! hehehehe esta padrisimo, me encanto ese dije :D y pues si, adios al veranito pero bueno, tu aun puedes disfrutar mas tiempo de calorcin. Aqui ya se estan empezando a poner de colores las hojas (lo cual es maravilloso) y el clima esta fresco!