Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I collected all this links of beautiful alphabet posters because i wanted to buy one for my girl, well, i still do want to buy one but i'm not in a hurry anymore. We got one when we moved here, a huge poster from Ikea (i know, i know! we saw it, little one saw it, she started spelling letters and we knew we should get it that moment) and, although is not nearly as pretty, she loves to stand in front of it and say the letters out loud. I think she likes the fact that they are huge letters and she can easily sees them (she knows most of the alphabet now, the only ones she get confused with are A, N, and T)
But as i told you, is still my plan to get a nice, special one for her room. I'll share with you some of my faves!

Letterpress Alphabet Poster by Sycamorestreetpress.

Alphabet Poster Nerdy Edition by Courtneymcornet.

Owlphabet poster by Gingiber on etsy.

Russian Doll Alphabet by CreativeNeesh on etsy.

Alphabet by Nate Duval at Poster Cabaret.

Alphabet by SolLi.

My little one is sitting beside me this moment and she's watching the pictures and saying the alphabet, hehehe...
Have a great day!