Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today I Love: Apple Season!

Apple season is almost here and i love to think on all that fresh-picked-from-the-tree apples! so looking forward for apple pie!

I gathered some juicy apples (and a lovely basket to take them home) for you:

1.- Sterling silver ring with embroidered apple by Metal, Cloth & Wood
2.-Green apple necklace in silver and concrete by
Lulu Bug Jewelry
2.-Classy tote by Whimsical Originals
4.-Silver apple hoops by Idealist Jewellery

Check out more of my fresh apple picks in here!


  1. awww! You even put my apple ring in your blog post :D Thank you, Sweetie! Fantastic blog, btw!!!

  2. Love that first makes me feel warm and cozy inside :)

  3. Thanks Johanna, so happy you liked it ;)
    Thank you April for vising me!

  4. I'm ready for apple season too!