Monday, September 20, 2010

Jamie Bert

A little while ago i made this treasury and included the "what is this thing?" card by Jamie Bert. He wrote me back, it was his first treasury feature and wanted to send me one of his cards to say thanks. I truly wanted to tell him like, 'you are welcome but you don't have to' but there was this part of me that craved his stationery and wanted badly to have some for free so i gave him my address hoping he would just forget about it.
But of course he did not forget and here i am, with freshly arrived mail from Jamie with two gorgeous cards of his collection, i feel extremely grateful for his thoughtfulness and his generosity that the least i can do is to introduce you to his incredible neat, smart, funny, cool and good looking work:

You got to love sellers like him! please visit his Etsy shop to see more of his stationery collection and giggle a little with his funny descriptions! Having some of his work here i vastly recommend it: it's so neat, cool, of an awesome quality and so original!
Thanks Jamie!

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