Wednesday, September 29, 2010

La Nube Necklace

Here it is! and it is called La Nube which is spanish for The Cloud.
I'm a bit afraid you will think like, i made yet another cloud, but i feel this is different from the others plus i love clouds!. To begin with, this came from a series of new sketches, it is less "fluffy" and then i make the pendant hang from the chain differently than my other necklaces. Oh, and it is the first cloud necklace i've ever done, so it is very special! I completely love it, i hope you do, too!

For more details go to The Angry Weather


  1. I completely love it too! I have just shown it to my husband as a Christmas present idea, so I hope he gets the hint! x

  2. That's so sweet Kerry! i'm so happy you liked it, thanks!!! :D

  3. I popped your pendant on my blog today Iveth.

  4. your photos are so beautiful and crisp! what kind of camera are you using?