Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Rain

I believe that rain boots and umbrellas are some of the cutest things among wearable stuff. I remember when i got my first rain boots, i was praying for rain so i could get to wear them!
Well, rain can be a pain too, specially if you live in places like Tabasco (where i grew up) where flooding is a major problem each year and the territory is flooding awfully as we speak. My parents, and two of my brothers (with their families) still live there so i'm a bit concerned, even when i know they're fine.
But well, this is the world we live in and the way nature works, so i guess the important thing is to be prepared for what we know can affect our lives and to help the people in need.
Ok, this was supposed to be a happy post about rain!
It's been raining all day here in Montreal and i just wanted to post some lovely pictures i found on Flickr about the happy stuff we get to use on a rainy day, enjoy!

Image from Flickr.

Red boots via Flickr.

Via Flickr.

Inspired by rain

-Oversized boyfriend button down shirt by Lamixx
-Mungo wanderlust leaf bag by Little Odd Forest
-Red Hunter boots
-Rain drops necklace by The Angry Weather

Have a lovely day!


  1. Love the items you pick out - your rain drops necklace is great!
    Have a great day - without rain!

  2. Thanks Pia!! well, it is raining here, but i like rain! specially when i don't have to go out and i can just watch it from the window! wait, i do have to go out today, crap!

  3. love your picks iveth. specially the umbrella with hearts pic... so lovely!

  4. Thanks Mayi! i know, that pic is so cute!i just found out it is for sale on etsy, too!