Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring Puces POP

It has been a while since the last time I posted, how time flies!!! Many news, many things to tell you; I hope all is good for you! Things have been crazy over here: a lot of trips to the doctor and stressing days, but also a lot of happy visits, surprises, new adventures and tons of work! Will tell you more about it soon but first I want to show you some photos (crappy light photos taken with my phone so don't have high hopes on them!) I took last weekend at Puces POP!

I was so happy to be part of the show once more and it was a weekend to remember: it was one of my most successful shows yet! Thanks so much to all the lovely people that stopped by to say hi (virtual friends from Etsy, IG, FB, I love how the social networks make us connect and unite each other!); to all my friends that came visit and brought me chocolate ;D; to my lovely family for your patience, help and support; to the organizing team at Puces POP (awesome job as always!); to my fellow vendors for your company, advice, inspiration; to magazines, blogs and photographers that stopped by to ask a question and take a photo and most importantly, thanks to you, lovely customer for your purchases and support! You are the one that shape my dreams and to see you wearing my jewellery is to me something WONDERFUL! 

I took this one just outside the place Puces POP took place. I love this venue because the space in big and is just in front of Laurier metro station! 
This photo resumes a bit what I spent the weekend doing: eating cookies from JJ comestibles parched Goods and drinking LemoLemonade, yummmm!!!
 A bit of my table! My new little houses in bronze, the grain of sand ring, the Solstice necklaces, spoon necklaces, cloud stud earrings and Solstice bracelets were the stars of the show!!!!
And I brought lots of new prints from my photos!!! I love them so much and people were so loving them as well, yay!
Busy times!
 And here some of my faves of the show:
1 & 2, Montreal stamps by Katie Brioux, just awesome!
3, Home wares by KeepHouse Studio, I bought a tray and coasters from them, gosh do they make pretty things...
4, The amazing cross stitch work of Samantha Purdy from Maudstitch Work.
1, Air plant holders in beautiful geometric shapes by Cliche.
2, Beautiful leather accessories from Matu
3 & 4, The super lovely Natacha from Nanoukiko & Triko and her textile jewellery!

Thanks so much Puces POP, a la prochaine! 

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