Thursday, June 5, 2014

Etsy Adore Le Quebec

I was invited to the launch party for Etsy in Quebec today. I mean, Etsy it's pretty well know here but they are trying to engage more with the people from our province which I think it's pretty awesome. 

Invited to the event were many local Etsy vendors (like me!) and editors from blogs, magazines, tv, etc. Let me tell you it was pretty fun and interesting! 

Here are some photos of the event! 

 The tables were decorated with tons of flowers, it was so pretty!

The lunch was at Rosalie restaurant in downtown Montreal and food was delicious.

 Here I am with Nicole, Quebec PR coordinator for Etsy Canada and with Michelle, team captain of the Montreal Etsy team and co-coordinator of Etsy: Made in Canada market (and guess who is the other coordinator? MEEEEEE!!!!! So many exciting news to comeeee!!!).

Photo taken by the lovely ladies at REV Communications Montreal (far right), Sophie Durocher, Florence from the blog Me, Myself and Montreal and I.
 And here we have the best tarte au citron in the universe. I need another one.

So, congrats Etsy Canada for your official presentation in our beautiful province and thanks so much for inviting me to be part of it!! 

Guys stay tuuuuned because we are preparing the first ever Etsy market in Canada and we are super excited about it!! Will tell you more about it soon!!!!!


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  1. Hello from BC! This sounds like that has been an awesome event! I hope to read more about it! :)