Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Today Michelle (organizer) and  I went to take some photos of our venue for Etsy: Made in Canada. It's such a beautiful building and I hope vendors and visitors love and enjoy the space.

The venue is called Locoshop Angus, a 100 year-old industrial building that once was a manufacturing plant for railcars and the Valentine tanks for the Russian army during second world war. Now it houses tons of creative enterprises and on their beautiful atrium (where our show it's going to take place), seasonal fashion shows and markets. The atrium features amazing industrial details like steel columns, riveted steel beams, concrete floors and a super high ceilings.

Here are some of the photos I took! I hope you like this space as much as I do and don't forget to sign up for our mailing list to receive more details about Etsy: Made in Canada in Montreal! If you are an artist, maker or craft person in Montreal you must join our list as we'll be sending out the vendor call very soon! 

Outside of the building. The entrance is where those blue flags are.
Outside of the building, look at all those arches, steel beams and rivets! 
This is what you see when you enter the building.
I love the details of the steel columns. 
Looking up.

Thanks so much to Meli from the Montreal Etsy Team for scoring this beautiful venue for us and thanks so much to Technopole Angus for allowing us to plan and use your amazing atrium for our upcoming market! 

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know in the comments! And don't forget to sign up to our mailing list :) here!



  1. It looks like a wonderful venue, Iveth!

    1. Hi Kathleen! thank you so much! we were so lucky to score this venue. I hope people will come and enjoy the show and the gorgeous space!

  2. Hello! Wow this is right by home, where do I sign up for the mailing list and when will this start?

    1. Hi Marcia! we will launch the vendor call on July 1st, you can subscribe now to our mailing list to receive the call directly on your inbox: http://eepurl.com/WzJUX Thanks so much for your interest! Let me know if you have any further questions :)

  3. Looks like an awesome place for a venue! Too bad I am too far to come...