Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Etsy: Made in Canada

If you happen to follow me on FB, Twitter or IG maybe you saw that some weeks ago I went to Toronto for a couple of days to the Etsy Captain's Summit. Well, many awesome things happened there: I got to meet many fellow etsy sellers, some of them I met through Etsy many years ago and at last I saw them in person! Also, got to meet the lovely people behind Etsy Canada and the place they work at and also met Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO and the super charming Kimm Alfonso from Etsy Seller's developpement team. But one of the most exciting things from the experience was to get well into the planning of, drum roll please, Etsy: Made in Canada market!

Ok, so what's this Etsy: Made in Canada market you may ask. Well, it's a national initiative created by Etsy and to celebrate crafters, collectors and local communities across Canada. This is the first time ever Etsy Canada has made something like this and it's a pretty exciting time to be part of this community! There is going to be a big party going on all over Canada where Etsy sellers will come together to make craft shows and pop-up shops all over the place and of course, Montreal among them!

I feel very honored to be part of this initiative, and all thanks of being part of such a great collective/team as Les Joailliers du Dimanche (as I'm their etsy team captain, I was invited to the event in Toronto representing them and Montreal sellers). As I've told you before, being part of a team, a collective, a group in your community truly help you connect and grow!

To make this market possible Les Joailliers du Dimanche and the Montreal Etsy team are joining forces to shape the Etsy: Made in Canada market or Etsy: Fait au Canada as it'll be called in our province. We have tons of plans for this event! for the moment I'll tell you we have our beautiful venue, we will present the work of 60 local artist and crafters on our market that will take place on September 27th and 28th of 2014. If you or someone you know is interested in participate on Etsy: Fait au Canada in Montreal, please subscribe to our mailing list or share it with those you think may want to apply! Here: http://eepurl.com/WzJUX We'll be sending out the vendor call in a couple weeks and all the information you want to know about the event!! Exciting times I'm telling you!

This event is for Etsy sellers of course, BUT, if you want to apply and you don't have an Etsy shop, don't despair! You can open your etsy shop, it's free and easy and the benefits are pretty cool, plus we can help you setting up shop: Michelle from the Montreal Etsy Team is organizing newby events to help you on that. Plus you can get your first 20 listings free if you go to https://www.etsy.com/promotions?promotion_code=Montreal and enter the promo code MONTREAL :D

And well, don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to receive more info, here!

I'll leave you with some photos from the Etsy Captain's Summit!

Thoughtful little gift from Etsy when I got to the hotel in Toronto. Inside: Etsy badge, stickers and tokens for the subway!
Lovely team captains from Quebec! Michelle (green hair) and I will be the ones planning the market in Montreal!!
 Got to meet lovely Renee-Anne at last!!!! Had soooo much fun spending time with her!!!!
 Here with Kimm Alfonso an a lovely team captain from Toronto, unfortunately I don't remember her name! If you know her please let me know :)
And here is Renne-Anne, Chad Dickerson (Etsy CEO) and Me!
There were so many pretty flowers at the table, Ranunculus yay!!
The super lovely Krysthle Poitras got gifts for all! so thoughtful. She gave me this beautiful "Best Day Ever" card that she made :)  

If you want to see more photos of the summit, please visit the Etsy Canada Flickr group, here! And stay tuned for more news about our market!!


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