Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy box

A little while ago I sold two pairs of my lightning bolts earrings to a lovely Australian girl. Weeks passed, we waited and waited and the lightning bolts never arrived to its destination.
It's an awful feeling to get an order lost in the mail, not to mention the fear of a disappointed costumer!

So what I did was to notify my lost parcel to Canada Post and replace my costumer's order. What I got in return was one of the best transactions I have got on Etsy. And I'm not talking about monetary transactions, I'm talking about one of those experiences that help you learn and at the same time let you know amazing people.

Helen, my Australian costumer, is the sweets girl. She was a total blessing because if this would have happened with maybe another costumer, probably it'd have been a very stressful situation. But she was so incredibly patience, kind and just so nice! I felt so grateful towards her for her patience and kindness.

And then, a couple days ago I received this :

(Oh, and that's the little one's hand that was so impatience of me, for taking photos instead of opening the box! hehehe she was behind me just asking me to open it!)

Is was a package send by Helen to say thanks for the earrings and replacing her order! I swear I felt like crying, in a good way, I was emotional to have got to know such a sweet person and know she was so happy for having business with me. I couldn't believe it.

Helen, thank you! you are amazing and, as I told you, every single detail in my "happy box" (as I call it now) describes how sweet, funny and kind you are!

For me every single thing was a treat, and that includes all the postage in the box as I LOVE postage and have a little collection :D

Wrapped gifts


Just AWESOME! (there were adorable illustrations, stickers and stamps everywhere!)

Sewing magazine and gorgeous japanese patterned fabric

Sweet Bestiary brooch

Tim Tam biscuits (Helen even gave me the instructions of the traditional way to eat them!)

Miam, delicious!!!

I'm sure I don't deserve this, as I just did what I feel is the right thing to do and never expected anything but having a happy costumer. I feel so lucky and grateful: Thanks Helen for sending me a box full of happiness!!


  1. QUÉ CHINGÓN! :) Esos son los mejores clientes!

  2. This is the cutest thing, and Tim Tams, too? Amazing.

  3. How sweet! What a lovely customer and fun package to receive!

  4. WOW!!! todas amamos a tu clienta! que linda :)

  5. Thanks everybody for your kind comments! :D

  6. Wow! This is from a customer who bought your earrings?!?!? Those must be some amazing earrings! ;D ..that's so awesome that you've encountered such a sweet and generous person!

  7. Thats awesome, what a sweet girl. I love it when you are dreading a situation and then it does a total 360 and you are there with your jaw on the ground, how amazing!

    -Much love, Trashy Crafter Kim

  8. Naww.. thanks for your kind kind words Iveth!!
    I'm so happy that you love the gift, it really was my pleasure after everything you had done for me :) Plus it was way fun to send a parcel!!

    Thank you too, to all the comment-ers who commented I'm an awesome customer! hehe, I was only awesome because Iveth is an awesome seller! She is rare in that she actually cares about her customers.

    And @alphabetcitystudio: Yes! The earrings are totally amazing! So very well made and definitely one of a kind. It's a talking point amongst all my friends and everyone I meet :). I am working towards owning more of Iveth's jewellery :D!

  9. Yum yum, I ate SO many timtams when I was in Australia, I really miss them!! What a beautiful and delicious treat!!