Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to business

This is my messy work space. It used to be a cute little office sometime ago but now it's full of tools, supplies and dust. Is OK though, but I definitely think it's due for some cleaning and that my wall needs me to make it pretty ASAP!

But well, in the mean time, I wanted to tell you my shop is open again! My so called vacations are over and even thought I have been working on local orders, new projects and upcoming plans, is now time to turn the production button mode on for real.

Which reminds me I haven't tell you something! I'm super excited as I'm going to sell at the Puces POP craft fair on September 24th and 25th!! This is such a big deal to me as is going to be my first major sale-to-public and Puces POP is one of my favorite things to do in Montreal! I neeeeever miss it, is full of awesome local artists/crafters that made wonderful stuff, and I feel very excited to be part of it this time around. So, as you can imagine, I'm working my ass off to prepare lovely jewelry for the fair and I'm also working on things and props for my booth.
So, if you happen to go to the shop and see I have few listings, that is the reason: I'm trying to build up a decent inventory, but this doesn't mean I can't work on your favorite pieces! If you want something from the shop that you can't see listed, just send me an etsy-message and I can list the item for you :)

And that's the news for the moment! Thanks a bunch for keeping up with me and I hope you have a great week :)



  1. I like your - work space. Looks pretty and busy at the same time - best of both worlds :)

  2. Oooh the Puces POP thing sounds like a lot of fun! Glad your back from vacation, I hope you rested up, Christmas season at Etsy is about to begin:)

  3. Thanks Luna for your kind words on my work space :D hehehehe

    Angie, thank you! I'm very excited about puces pop and the busy season!! Yep, good thing I took a month off to recharge batteries ;D

  4. Love your work space!


  5. esta super bonito tu espacio! dejate de cosas niƱa y ponte a trabajar que tienes que ser un exito en PUces pop !!!! :D (y espero que estemos juntas!) Ja! besooooo