Thursday, August 11, 2011


Gaaaah, like Amelia, I feel so crazy about dinosaurs lately. I don't know if it's because of her obsession for all things dinosaur, or just because there are such cool dinosaur related stuff out there...This card by PAWLING is just awesome, so simple but it screams GGGGRRRRRRRR! to me.

Brown and black camera strap by WanderWandering
Been drooling over leather camera straps and I can't decide which one to buy. I need to upgrade my ugly, normal camera straps asap!

Kitted cactus by Odds and Ends
I love, love, love plants but for some reason they don't love me back. It sounds horrible, but they all die when they end up with me. That's why I don't buy plants any more. Maybe I put so much water, maybe they need more sun, I don't know. This little garden of knitted cactus will be the perfect addition to my apartment, plus I'll be sure they will be green forever.

Retro leather camera strap by Magpie Accessories
Another of my favorites in the camera strap department. I love it.

I've been wanting the Quinn bag from the New Duds for such a long time now it's ridiculous. This bag will be mine one day and that day is not far from now, I say!

Oxfords by Golden Ponies
This shoes look so soft and comfy not to mention extremely lovely. Want them!

There's a lot of leather in my wishlist, gaaah, I just love leather accessories. Feel kind of bad now. I feel like the tyrannosaurus up there. Gggrrrr.

I hope this wishlist is useful for a certain someone *wink,wink* in case he needs to get a present for a certain person which birthday is coming up real fast! *wink, wink* (talking about me and my hubby ;) hehehehehe).

I hope you all have a great day :)


  1. O my gosh - I have been lusting over New Duds' Quinn (in black) for months now ... Those cacti are so cute too! Great finds!

  2. Me gusta tu lista de deseos. Desde luego la correa de la primera cámara y los cáctus son estupendos!!!
    buen fin de semana!

  3. thanks so much for including us!! also, seriously love your blog title. and now i'm lusting after that camera strap ...