Friday, August 26, 2011

Mile-End guide

Just found this awesome post-tour guide of the Mile-End here in Montreal, my favorite neighborhood in town :). We live in Outremont neighborhood, just some blocks away from the Mile-End but we go to shops, restaurants, bookstores, fruit shops and coffee shops over there on a daily basis so we consider it as our second neighborhood :)

This post was made by Amy Johnson and Marilis Cardinal of Puces POP for Poppytalk (and speaking of Puces POP, I have great news regarding it but I'll tell you soon!!) and it's very nice and helpful if you plan to visit Montreal any time soon (This is for you Chrystal!).

Check out the post here!

St-Viateur bagels (my favorites!)

Cafe Olimpico, yummy.

Genaral 54

Drawn & Quarterly

(All images via Poppytalk by Amy Johnson and Marilis Cardinal)

I wish you have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh my gosh those bagels look amazing! What a fun looking place...and it's sunny! I miss the sun, we don't get it a lot here in Juneau :)

  2. Great! I'll be in Montreal in October (soooo excited about it :_) and actually needed to read a post like this one! Thank you so much!