Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage treasures

Hello! How are you?! I hope you are doing great :)

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I have added a new section to my shop: vintage rings!

A little while ago (this day, precisely) I went to an antique market here in Montreal with two friends and we bought a bunch of awesome old rings of different shapes and textures. It was such a fun experience as we three (the friends I went to the market with) are jewellers and we were like children in a toy store picking up rings and finding treasures.

I found two rings that I particularly love: one is like a branch, with all this gorgeous wood grain details. And the other is a big, fat, funky bubble very reminiscent of the 60's I think. I took those two and have them cast in sterling silver so, in case I were to sell the original ones, I would keep one with me. I put those sterling silver ones in the shop, too :)

I love how this rings look when wearing them together: all the different lines and shapes all mixed up look fantastic, so cool.

I think this rings were created to make molds or just left overs from an old industry that make rings, I don't know, but they sure carry the marks of a long, hard working life. And that adds so much character to every piece.

I hope you like my vintage rings, for more details and photos please come to my shop, thank you!

PS. between all this vintage listings, making orders and so on, I manage to complete a new piece that I plan to photograph soon and put it on my shop maybe this week :) Is one of my favourite pieces EVER!! can't wait for you to see!

Thanks a have a happy Thursday ;)


  1. Great finds! I love them all stacked in the top photo.

  2. They are gorgeous and I also love the ones you made in sterling silver! I just can't wait to see the new piece, so exciting!! I'm so impatient!!

  3. Thanks Laura and Clemence!! I also love them all stacked, they really look gorgeous like that :D

    Thanks for your support and enthusiasm dear Clemence!! I want to have it listed on the shop like, now! have to hurry up with the photo shoot!