Friday, June 3, 2011


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Hi there! I hope you are doing very well. I've been away from the blog the whole week doing the usual crazy stuff like taking care of the little one, the home and making orders :)

But I've missed my blog so much! I thought of stop by to say hi and post some images that make my heart smile: Like the one of the fresh made bed. Fresh sheets always make me smile and fill my heart with comfort. And the pale color schemes are like vacations for my mind.

Do you have plans for the weekend? I'd love to know what are you going to do :) It's going to be sunny and nice here, we are going to take advantage of the sun spending lots of time outside and going to a craft show (yay! I love craft shows!) tomorrow.

Thanks for stop by and have a great weekend,


  1. Wow your plans are so cool! Can't wait to see the photos of the island!! This weekend I'm going to see an art exhibition and then go to a medieval fair (I've never been to something like that so I wonder how it will be, but it seems fun!) And then on Sunday it is my birthday and we're having a big picnic near the lake :D
    Have a great weekend Iveth and a lot of fun on the lake Ontario too!!

  2. Beautiful summer images..Have a terrific weekend away!

  3. What a wonderful place! Love your blog!
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Yo quiero ver esas fotos !!! Que lo pasen " chidito " los tres :D
    Aquí está lloviendo a ratos ... o sea que me va a tocar fotografiar charcos y reflejos !! YUPY !!

  5. Clemence your weekend is looking awesome! a medieval fair definitely sounds like fun to me! I wish you have the most wonderful birthday ever!!! Hugs!!!

    Thanks Chantale! I wish you a great weekend too and I'm so happy to see you here :D thanks!!

    Juime, thanks so much for visiting my blog, I love your work so much and is so nice to see you here!

    Ingrid, me super encanta tu actitud!!! espero disfrutes muchisimo de la lluvia y la oportunidad que te da de tomar fotografias!! has pensado alguna vez de vender tus fotos en Etsy? yo creo seria super chido, me encantas tus fotos!!

  6. Im in barcelona for the weekend i lived here as a student and coming back is always a trip in time :)