Monday, June 27, 2011

New on my shop!

The Lost Button Brooch, for details visit my shop

Hi there!

I'm so happy to tell you I have a new Item on my shop and it's one of my favorite pieces. This may be because I love brooches so much and then, I love buttons. Mix them together and it's like SO cool for me!

The design of this piece was one of the first I came with when the "lost button" shower of ideas came in, but is until very recently I was able to finish the actual piece. I hope you like it :)

This is going to be such an exciting week for me, well, a very busy week that will get awesome at the end. I so wish I could spill the beans right now, but I can't! please, please, please keep up with me because I have amazing news to share with you soon!!!!!

Other awesome news is that the Canada post strike-lock out-thing is ooooover! You have no idea how stressed I was last week, with many orders lost in the mail limbo and another bunch in my desk waiting to be shipped. Well, they are still there waiting but, tomorrow the postal service will resume and I'll be first on the line to drop off my orders!!

Things are looking good ;)

I wish you a beautiful week!


  1. Que montón de buenas noticias !!! Feliz semana para ti también :D

  2. I love it. Reminds me of a childrens tv show in the UK back in the 80's called button moon lou x

  3. It's very cute iveth!! Ohh glad to hear that you got great news!! so exciting! :D :D

    Ohh Finally the whole issue of Canada post is over!! yay Back to normality! hihi

    Have an awesome week!

  4. qué bien que la huelga ya terminó y puedes enviar tus pedidos!! ;)
    y las otras noticias... mmm qué chido que sea algo bueno y emocionante... pero no tardes en contarnos!!

    y ese broche es simplemente perfecto! estoy segura de que será un éxito total!
    besos y feliz semana!

  5. que bonito! bottons are cute ^^

  6. reminds me of peter rabbit and when he lost his button in Mr.McGregors garden. would you make it in gold or brass? love it.