Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ring obsession

Yes, I have a ring obsession. Ever since I was a silly teenager I loved to wear rings more than any other kind of jewellery. And when I was on my twenties my fingers where full of rings of different sizes and shapes. I haven't changed that much since (on the ring love department, at least). As you will see on the photos below, most of the jewellery I use more frequently are rings.

I must say though, that brooches are my favourite jewellery thing, but for some reason I wear them less frequently. Maybe is one of those silly things on the back of my mind that says the things I like the most are for special occasions? hm mm...

In those photos you'll see the things I wear the most and that I always keep handy ;)

My little jewelry plate with the jewelry I use the most and my vintage ring collection on the side

Amelia's silhouette necklace, angry cloud necklace, my whirlpool ring, bubble ring, green bead ring, Louise Koo's silver and wire ring, organic shapes ring, branches, Markhed Designs green pearl ring (which was Marie's Christmas present to me :) gold stacked rings (a gift for my dear friend Ale), my rocks from the desert ring (sneak peek for the fall line!), lost button earrings and lightning bolt earrings, phew! That's was long and pointless. Thanks for bear with me through my inventory, hehehehe.

Have a great day!


  1. Jajajaja !! la loca de los anillos ( cariñosamente hablando, claro !)
    Me he reído un montón con tu post ! A mí me pasaba igual con los pendientes ... me ponía unos distintos cada día y ahora no llevo nunca ;P ( será que me falta tiempo para elegirlos ? jijiji )

    Por cierto, tu collar con la silueta de Amelia es adorable !! ♥

  2. Aiiinnnn!!!! ya se que me vi super loca!! hahahaha que pena :S hehehehe
    A mi me pasa casi lo mismo, ahora solo me pongo uno o dos -a lo mucho- cada vez. Me pasa que entre mas crezco, mas disfruto de las cosas simples :)
    Gracias por visitarme aqui Ingrid!

  3. That's awesome - I love seeing all those rings! Do you mix gold and silver jewelry?

  4. I can attest that Iveth wears a LOT of rings... sometimes all at the same time!!!

  5. The silhouette necklace oh so pretty!^^