Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Puces POP Weekend

What a weekend I had: Puces POP was awesome!! Last week I worked my ass off to finish etsy orders and build up stock for the craft show and although by the end of the week I was incredibly tired, just entering the puces pop venue filled me up with energy and excitement!

It was a great weekend full of friends, lost of sales, lots of awesome purchases, meeting new costumers and also eating lots of cupcakes :) It was also like a weekend outside as I was just in front of the door, it was opened and it was so cooooolddddd! brrrr. The first day it took me by surprise but on the second day I went very prepared for the weather inside with my big ass winter boots and coat. You'll see the photos ;)

Some are photos of my booth and some of my favourite vendors at the fair. I wish I had been able to take more of favourite vendors because there was such great, great stuff, but I was so busy and couldn't go around much!

Marie & Me

Robot dancing

I bought a gorgeous Deer from Sabine of Felt Factory !

I wish I could have bought a Terrarium!

From Olivia Mew I bought a quirky little banner!

Incredibly cute Coucou Salut

And that was my weekend! Thanks for stopping by :D


  1. check this out Marie! Great song to do the Robot!

  2. Wow, beautiful display! Your booth looks so gorgeous!! Looks like there were some other awesome vendors as well, I love Markhed Designs and all the cute things you took photos of :D Hope Amelia is feeling better now!