Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trendspotting: Geometric Jewelry

Geometric shaped jewelry is everywhere and it's so freaking awesome!
I couldn't help myself to gather all this super cool items for your enjoyment and maybe for your wishlist, too (most of them are on mine!)!
I adore the Rectangle Brooch by ToTheMetal, it's so cool and unique. And the faceted pure silver pendant by MiniCyn, wow, so lovely.
You just have to make a little search for geometric jewelry on Etsy to see what many great jewelers are creating, you'll be amazed :)

I hope you are doing great! I'm still a bit sick. Definitely feeling so much better though, but not quite great, yet. I'm hoping this will pass soon as i have so many things to do and right now not too much energy to get them done!
Oh, and my guest post on Heartmade blog is out today so if you'd like to see some whimsy-gorgeous handmade picks you just have to follow this link! I wish you all a lovely Thursday :)


  1. Well curated set! I love geometrics but often am attracted to organic shape too:) Thanks for showcasing my pieces too. Cynthia x

  2. Absolutely fabulous Iveth! I'm so happy to be included here, thank you so much! Marina

  3. Thanks Cynthia and Marina, i'm so glad you enjoyed the post :D!
    Is great to have you here!

  4. these are all great pieces! i've been drooling over laura lombardi's line for months now!