Friday, October 29, 2010

Amazing Rings

Rings have always been my favourite kind of jewel. I love buying rings, wearing them and i enjoy so much making them. Most of the pieces i make for myself are rings. There was a time when i was younger when i used to wear them in almost every one of my fingers, on both hands. different shapes and textures. I'm always looking for gorgeous rings on etsy and here i present you some of my favourites:

Grass ring by Propellers

Small arrow floating ring by Brilliance Found

T14 organic love ring by La Chica De Los Anillos

Coral branch ring by Lila Ruby King

Lily seed pod silver ring by Midwest Alchemy

Deer antler ring by Marriage of Metal

I love the shapes and textures of this amazing pieces. I also like the fact that they're big, bold, unique and beautiful. For me big rings are not just for parties or special occasions. I like to use them on my everyday life to show a bit of my personality, even with the simplest of outfits.


  1. Que hermosos....jajajaja me dio mucha risa cuando mencionaste lo de los anillos en cada dedo de las dos manos...yo tambien hacia enloquecen los anillos, no tienes idea de cuanto!!

  2. So many pretty designs! Thanks for sharing your blog with me - I'm now a follower:)

  3. Thanks so much for your comments Mayi, Wera and Cheryl! I'm glad you liked my picks!!
    Wera, we have one more thing in common!!
    Cheryl, thanks for following!! i truly appreciate your support!
    Hugs to all!

  4. Thank you for including my arrow ring! I have a little bit of a ring obsession myself (okay, a huge obsession, who am I trying to kid!)

    Great finds.. love the coral ring!

  5. MidwestAlchemy is not fair about their products and remove negative feedback. Therefore, customers have no good overview of how the store really is. Therefore I now have a ring with a deep scratch that 17 dollor cost more because the box they sent the wrong way. And she delect my feedback... not great.

  6. Wow!
    So wonderful sellection, I'm really happy to be here!! Thank you very much!!
    Rings are my favourite jewel too!!!