Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, yay!

I'm half the way to finish the little one's costume and it's looking pretty nice! I think i'm going to show you a sneak peek of it on Monday :) she's going to be dressed as a certain princess from a remote you have any clue which princess may be? Maybe you'll have a better idea on monday with some photos to see :)

I'm so ready for the weekend! i just hope it doesn't rain too much so we would be able to get out of the house and enjoy the last days of beautiful, colorful leaves on the trees. Not fun to get all wet under the rain on a chilly autumn day!

I wish you a happy weekend and i hope to see you around soon!


  1. Princesa Lea? tus fotos ya me despejarán las dudas!
    feliz fin de semana y a disfrutar del colorido otoño!!

  2. I'm sooo ready for the weekend too. I bet Amelia will look adorable! I'm such a fan of Lizzie Stewart! Thanks for your nice comments of late too....I replied on my blog, but you might not see it. The 'Amelia' is actually a magnet...but lots of people thought they were brooches, so I'm thinking I may do some of those too. Have great weekend and hope it stays dry and beautiful x

  3. Me muero por ver el disfraz Iveth!!!
    Aki andamos y no nos vamos heee!!!

  4. Is it princes lea? So excited to see what it is! :) home made costumes are the best.

  5. Gracias por su entusiasmo RosaMaria y Wera :D jejejeje creo que la pista del fisfraz fue muy obvia! pronto se los ensenare ;) jejeje

    Kerry, i came across with Lizzy Stewart illustration on flickr and i can't have enough of it :) and i can't have enough of your illustrations either, i adore all the new things you made :) i need to get a bear print very soon, i need it with me!

    Lorajean, thanks so much for visiting my blog :D you are right about the costume :D hehehehe can't wait to show it to you!

  6. Awww... I can't wait to see Amelia's costume!!!

  7. Hehehehe soon!!! thanks for visiting me Johanna!