Monday, August 4, 2014

Etsy Road Trip weekend


When Etsy contacted me to be part of this event I knew it was going to be great but honestly, they went all the way beyond my expectations: the event was fantastic, everything you must expect from Etsy and more.

If you follow me in IG, Twitter or FB, by this time it's possible you are a bit on your limits with all the orange I've been posting for the last few days but let me tell you something: all that posting comes from the heart. I love Etsy, I'm proud to be part of what to me feels like a community not just a big business. But of course it is a business, I need this business to keep making what I love and for me, Etsy has been so great in connecting me with all those collectors who love and appreciate what I do (It somehow began when this happened, Remember?).

I also love all things cute and handmade and well, if you see the gorgeous vintage trailer they Etsy-fied for the Etsy Road Trip events, you'll know why I was giggling with delight to be in front of it!

Another thing I liked a lot about the event is the way they are promoting Etsy Canada right now: they way they are doing it is the way I like these things to be done: from the heart, being thoughtful and cohesive with your principles and mission and being FUN all at the same time! They are celebrating the makers and they are inviting communities to share with them, to ask questions, to connect, to fall in love with beautiful, handcrafted things and the people who makes them.

And it was just so much fun. I was happy to share the experience with Noemie from Noemiah and Kristy Boisvert. Kristy and co. were just so much fun, they kept making me laugh all day and Noemie I've known since ages through Etsy and although we had exchanged polite hello's and how are you's at local craft shows this time we had the chance to chat all day long and she's just so amazing and funny! This is one of the things I value most about this community: all the little stories of getting to know amazing people through Etsy that otherwise I wouldn't have met are countless!

The organizers of the event, Sarah and Arlet did a fantastic job and along with Anna and the girls helping out on the events they were of great help and just so enthusiastic. Thanks to the Etsy Canada team for your support, it was lovely to see you: Erin, Nada, Jeremiah, Tanya and Melissa and all those who weren't here but instead were also working hard to make this possible from afar!

OK, let's go now to the fun part: PHOTOS! tons of them I'm warning you ;) they are from both days.

The vintage trailer is so beautiful! There was bunting, checkered table cloths, huge balloons, bumper stickers, mustache props, a photo-both, knitted cactus in pretty terracotta pots and all you could expect from an Etsy Party.

Montreal was the first stop on the Etsy Road Trip: they stayed here two days and then off Ottawa were they are right now! Then they'll go to Kingston  and will finish their trip in Toronto. On each stop they are featuring local artisans!

Here's me when I first encounter the Etsy-trailer: <3 p="">

This photo was taken by Dani from MTV Fora and features a couple of my new notecards! (soon on the shop!). And then here's my table set up:

 Necklaces <3 p="">

 Look at what they wrote! "Cloudy with a high chance of pretty" YES!

 Hubby and I: photo booth fun.
 Delicious papaya-lime ice pops by PopsArt
 Old Port location.
 Melissa and Tanya working and having fun at the same time.
Lovely miss Noemiah 
 The super lovely Corina Rose playing her wonderful music.
 One of those wonderful encounters: lovely Jessika from Oh My! Handmade blog.
 And here's me again! Thanks to all the people who came see and buy my jewellery, to my friends and family for your help and support and to Etsy for making me part of their newest adventure! 
Etsy Road Trip at the Olympic Park

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