Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Customer Profile: Etsy Road Trip edition.

I was so happy to see many of my customers at the Etsy Road Trip wearing my jewellery! I wasn't able to take photos of many as things got pretty busy but I managed to snap pics of some of them. See how they wear their jewellery and read a bit about them here:

Here is Noemie from Noemiah. If you are a fashion fan and don't know her work, do yourself a favor and check her out! She makes wonderful, ethereal, feminine jewellery using materials like feathers, ribbons and brass, plus she recently launched a clothing line and is about to launch her new collection (The dress she's wearing is part of it!). Follow her on Twitter if you want to see what's new!

On this photo she's wearing my tiny faceted crystal stud earrings alongside her druzy cube earrings, a dress from her upcoming collection and her Dusty pink feather necklace.

Anne-Lyse sure loves to make a statement with her jewellery: she wears 6 different of my stud earrings, 3 on each ear! here she wears a tiny bow, special edition I made for another craft show; also a cloud and lightning bolt :D 

Also visiting were my friends Maribel and Delphine and I was super happy to see they were wearing their jewellery made by me: Delphine and her Refuge necklace (a special gift from her husband when she gave birth to their baby girl!) and Maribel her Triangle necklace and Bronze bubble ring! both looking fresh and lovely as always! 

Tiffany is super talented: Twill and Print is the name of the brand under which she creates accessories, clothing and house wares hand-dyed and using organic and sustainable materials. She was wearing my tiny Cute-As-A-Button necklace!

Blogger extraordinaire Lolitta Dandoy (having her dinner fixed at First friday's food truck gathering) was wearing my fave outfit of the weekend: look at that dress! She was also wearing my Lightning Bolt stud earrings! Her blog Fashion Is Everywhere = awesome.

Thanks so much lovely girls, it was great to see you! I love my customers, they are the best ever! <3 p="">

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